what my bad moods look like

September 30, 2016

It turns out I was in a pretty bad mood for part of this week, so I left the house and went out to get some air and burn off some energy.

This is what I came home with.  And I looked at the haul and went, “Holy cow, that really was a bad mood.”

But I started catching up on season 2 of Mr. Robot and I feel much better now.  How about that best actor Emmy win for Rami Malek?! So good!


4 Responses to “what my bad moods look like”

  1. Aniket Kadam Says:

    I just read ‘The Best We Can’ it moved me so much. I sorely miss a beautiful picture of Neil Armstrong’s footprint on the moon I got for my birthday and lost!!!
    Thanks for a beautiful story.

  2. I love Mr. Robot. Season 2 was too weird though.

  3. Randy Upton Says:

    Someone stop her! Friends don’t let friends drink and knit.

  4. sarah peterson Says:

    Could always be worse dear. Just think, at least you don’t have a foot growing out of your back…

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