Martians Abroad!

September 2, 2016

I don’t think I’ve posted the cover for my next book yet:


Art by Paul Youll.  Release date:  January 17, 2017.  It’s been a long time coming but here it is!  Polly is a third-generation Martian colonist whose mother sends her and her twin brother to Earth for boarding school.  And she isn’t at all happy about it. . .

Available for pre-order from all the usual suspects:  IndieBound, Amazon, B&N.

Woohoo, it’s a book!




4 Responses to “Martians Abroad!”

  1. WanabePBWriter Says:

    Nice cover, that looks really good for what a one third G native might look like. Was there any drama on getting the cover right?
    January is a long way off, any chance of an ARC drawing from Goodreads?

  2. Al H. Says:

    Can’t wait. I assume it’s going to be a stand alone, not part of a series from the looks of it.

  3. Jazzlet Says:


  4. carriev Says:

    The story stands alone but there might be an opportunity for sequels if the first does well.

    No drama in getting the cover, they went to the description in the book. I’m sure there’ll be promotional stuff soon!

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