first week of summer

June 22, 2016

I didn’t post Monday because I spent the day at the North Pole/Santa’s Workshop in Colorado Springs, a classic 1950’s roadside attraction/amusement park/tourist trap.  We went back through old pictures and figured out my mom went here in 1956, the year the place opened.  My brother and I went in 1980.  And now, sixty years on, the third generation — my niece — has been to the park.

We all had a blast, and were sort of surprised we had a blast.  I mean, we all remember how cheesy this all was, right?  Well, it turns out the North Pole, in the company of a four year old who is just exactly 42 inches tall and therefore tall enough to go on all the rides, makes all the difference.  Emmy was unstoppable, and it was a total hoot.  When I’m back home and have access to pictures I’ll post some then and nows.

I had a lot of fun my one day at Denver Comic Con.  Between chatting with people between panels and signings and running back and forth through the exhibit hall and grabbing lunch and so on, I went pretty much non stop from 10:30 am to about 7 pm.  Exhausting!  But I had many great conversations and met lots of readers.  So much fun!


3 Responses to “first week of summer”

  1. Steve lukehurst Says:

    Carrie,got a copy of halloween,magic mystery and the macabre -no unternehemen warewolf in it!even though your name is on the cover! Is it just my kindle copy or is this a typo? Steve

  2. Thomas Stadey Says:

    I really had a blast at your two afternoon panels, Carrie! I also got to finish the evening with some great seats 7 rows back from the stage for the cosplay contest just in front of the judges. Denver comic con may end up becoming a yearly thing for me now.

  3. carriev Says:

    Steve, the story should be included, I wonder if it is an error with the ebook file? Maybe contact Amazon?

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