state of the desk right now

June 17, 2016

Don’t forget:  Denver Comic Con tomorrow.  My schedule.  It’s gonna be epic.

The state of the desk right now is that I am away from it.  In addition to DCC, my brother and his family are visiting and there is much adventuring happening.  Niece Emmy and I went to ride TinyHorse yesterday, and she’s big enough now that she got to trot for a little bit.  How fun is that?  She wasn’t even scared.

In the meantime, I’m just not getting work done and that’s okay.  I have a bunch of deadlines in July.  I can worry about those later.

But hey, Martians Abroad, my near-Earth space opera that’s gone through a bunch of title changes and is due out in January, has pre-order pages up at various retailers now.  Hooray, it’s finally a real book!  Oh, and the copyedits for it are one of the things I’m not doing this week…er…  July!  It’ll all be done by July!



One Response to “state of the desk right now”

  1. tyrshand Says:

    I really enjoyed your one o’clock panel and am very excited about Martians Abroad and the book you mentioned at ComicCon. 🙂

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