June 13, 2016

I have no words.

I have too many words.

The pictures and profiles of victims are starting to appear on Facebook and other social media, and it’s too much.  It’s always been too much.

The Onion always has something to say.  This piece is from two years ago, and still too relevant to be funny.  (Although it looks like they added a new one today.)  When I went to search for this I typed “Onion” into google, and “onion mass shooting” was the third option to come up on auto search.  A lot of people looking for this, I guess.


6 Responses to “Orlando”

  1. Joe Says:

    Thank you, I appreciate your post. Too many say nothing. I am a 70 year old retired over the road truck driver. I am a veteran with 7 years honorable service, I got out as an E5. It is hard to comprehend why no action was taken after Sandy Hook. Our congress, as a group and individually has no honor or integrity. There is a solution, several other countries have found that solution. Terrorism will still be a problem. But getting rid of hand carried easily purchased killing machines will slow down the carnage. I saw a pundit nit pick someone who called an AR15 an assault rifle, stating that it has no auto fire capability. Without auto fire it can still fire 180 rounds a minute with practice, and that means with a magazine of 30 rounds you get 30 bullets in 10 seconds. And that is what you heard from the phones in Orlando. Absolutely no excuse for this, The people who have been gagged by the NRA money should choke on it. I would understand if you delete this post, it is a little too much.


    looking forward to your next novel, (when and what?)

  2. Every time something like this occurs, I keep hoping that the old saying that the night is darkest just before the dawn will turn out to be true. Unfortunately — especially given the current political climate — I feel like the dawn is still a long way off. But hey, it has to come eventually, right?


  3. carriev Says:

    Joe: I would never delete your post, you’re saying what so many of us are feeling. It drives me bananas that we can’t even bring up these issues without someone nitpicking terminology like “assault rifles” or bringing up hoary old cliches like “well if they didn’t have guns they would just find another way.” Oh really? Do we really think these lunatics imagine walking into a nightclub with a machete? Those guns make even imagining these scenarios possible.

    Jared: I keep thinking we’ve hit bottom with the rhetoric and insanity. I thought we hit bottom with Palin 8 years ago. I keep being wrong. I keep hoping we’ve hit bottom now with Trump. I shudder to think what “worse than Trump” looks like.

    On happier note… Next novel! Martians Abroad comes out in January! And a few months after that, Bannerless!

  4. Carbonman Says:

    Now you’ve got me reading “The Onion”! It’s funny, yet very depressing at the same time. For example: http://www.theonion.com/blogpost/its-honor-continue-being-valued-over-countless-hum-53094

  5. carriev Says:

    The Onion is magnificent. Their post-9/11 issue is still one of my favorite objects in the universe. It hit just the right tone of compassion, humor, disbelief, and courage.

    At the same time, the Onion often hits that “this is way too true to be funny” mark on a regular basis. Their headline after George W.’s election: “Our long national nightmare of peace and prosperity comes to end.”

  6. Joe Says:

    i spend way too much time on facebook. I surf interesting articles that others post. Many times I have been half way through a bizarre story before I snap to “The Onion” heading. I love it.

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