finally, summer!

June 10, 2016

Yes, summer is here!  I know because I almost passed out after riding the Boy yesterday.  That first really hot day always gets me.  I’m better now.  Now it’s time to go hiking and sit outside reading books and enjoying the hell out of it so next January I can remember what warm is like.

Reminder:  Amaryllis and Other Stories is available for pre-order at Fairwood Press.  It’ll be released in August — we’re debuting it at Worldcon in Kansas City!

OspreyCam:  The surviving baby and parents are doing great.  Little guy is growing fast.  I love checking in with these guys.  I’ve visited the nest in person, too, but it’s tough to see much from the ground so I love the camera.

I saw Warcraft.  Because reasons.  I’m writing a long review of it for Lightspeed and I’m having so much fun with it.  Partway into the movie my friend leaned over and said, “Does this seem cumbersome to you?”  “No,” I shot back.  “It’s adorable.”  Since I’m pretty sure “adorable” is not what the filmmakers were going for, make of that what you will.

The schedule for Denver Comic Con has been posted.  I’ll post my own schedule next week, so you’ll know exactly where to find me.

And now, I’m deep in revision mode on the new novel and a new Wild Cards short story.  Trying to finish before family visits next week.  *girds loins and gets back to it*


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