quick Friday post

April 15, 2016

Draft Zero of the new novel is DONE.  This is the draft where I’m not ready for people to read it, but it’s a complete story and if anything untoward happened to me it would be possible to get a real book out of it.  It still needs some work.  But it’s done!

And now I kind of just want to lay around doing nothing.

I think I’ll go watch the sky — a storm’s supposed to be moving in today.  Another big spring storm, and they’re predicting a doozy.  Which means it might not amount to anything.  I guess we’ll find out!



One Response to “quick Friday post”

  1. Anthony Regolino Says:

    That’s so funny you mentioned the “if anything untoward happened to me” bit. I often thought like that, especially considering all the manuscripts I have lying about as-of-yet unpublished. It’s good to know that others actually think this way and I was not just being morbid or weird!

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