Friday miscellany

April 8, 2016

I had a bunch of things I was going to blog about, and wouldn’t you know it, I can’t remember them now. . .  Well, I’ll come up with something!

Next month, May 6-8, I’m the author guest of honor at the Creative Ink Festival in Vancouver.  It promises to be an excellent time full of writing and art and fun!

The April issue of Lightspeed Magazine is available to purchase and has a new story by me:  “Origin Story.”  Yes, it’s a superhero story — actually it’s a supervillain story.  And yes, it takes place in Commerce City.  It’s the backstory of a character in the third Golden Age book.  The story goes live next week, but if you want to read it early, here’s your chance.

So, how about that Rogue One trailer?  I’ve only seen it twice because, I confess, it reduced me to messy tears the first time, and the second wasn’t much better. Why am I having such an emotional to reaction to it?  Well, I think it’s because it feels exactly like the year-long Star Wars RPG campaign I was part of back in college.  We were a band of secret agents and rogues running missions for the Alliance, and it was fun and serious and gritty and everything Star Wars should be, and way back in 1993 thought we would never get in movie form ever again.  And here we are with what looks like pretty much exactly the movie that would have happened if they’d pulled it straight out of my twenty-year old brain.

It’s a little overwhelming, when pop culture caters to one’s id so directly.  Whew.



4 Responses to “Friday miscellany”

  1. jaredmolo Says:

    Considering Rogue One is by the same director as Godzilla (2014 version, that is), I have high hopes for it.

    Speaking of movies, any interest at all in The Jungle Book?

  2. carriev Says:

    Eh. It looks pretty, has a huge amount of talent. But it’s one of those stories that they keep trying to remake and it never seems to work out.

  3. Marsman Says:

    Awesome stuff Carrie, I never get tired of hearing about your life. It’s exciting, boring and normal like everyone else. You just have time to blog about it. Love it. Take care.

  4. jaredmolo Says:

    Re: Jungle Book – I suppose you have a point in that there hasn’t yet been a definitive adaptation of the original Kipling stories. Though given the story structure of the source material plus the fact that it’s in the public domain, that’s almost inevitable. Still, as someone who grew up with the original stories, it’s always nice to see what each new adaptation brings to the table.

    Anyway, on another subject, since you mentioned a third Golden Age novel, how’s that coming along?

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