happy Friday!

March 11, 2016

Another happy Friday to us all!  The sun is shining, the crocus are blooming, but I’m not entirely trusting spring yet because this is Colorado and we’ve gotten big huge snows as late as May.  All this sunshine — it’s a trap!

There’s so much I want to blog about but I haven’t really had a chance to sit down and rub two thoughts together.  I’ve gotten really busy.  This is good — it’s all stuff I want to do, and after all the directionless flailing of last year it feels great having my life be a little more task oriented.  I’m very type A, it seems.

One observation I’ve been thinking about:  I didn’t realize how tired I was of grimdark in superhero media until I got a whole bunch of happy.  Captain America, The Flash, a great big chunk of the MCU is mostly uplifting.  And then I see the Batman v. Superman trailer again and I think gawd, no.  That gray color palette comes up and I just get tired.

I have another new show:  I watched the first episode of Mr. Robot and loved it because it’s so old-school cyberpunk — except it isn’t science fiction.  It’s confirming my hypothesis that we now have a fourth generation of cyberpunk literature, characterized by not actually being science fiction.  It’s post Wikileaks and Anonymous cyberpunk.  I need to watch more and get all my notes together so I can turn my evolution of cyberpunk theory into an actual theory.

And then I want to talk about what’s happened to urban fantasy over the last couple of years, because it’s kinda crashed and burned. . .

See what I mean about too many thoughts?  Or I can go work on the new Rick short story I just started. . .


4 Responses to “happy Friday!”

  1. Carbonman Says:

    ‘Mr. Robot’ is truly different as a serial television program. It’s roughly linear in structure, but there’s always the question of Elliot’s view of reality being, um, unreal. I can hardly wait for next season.
    Without Rami Malek, this show wouldn’t work. Enjoy binging!

  2. winterelf2 Says:

    yea, what’s up with Urban Fantasy?? I LOVE it, and lately, tough to find something to read. What’s been going on behind the scenes that you, as a author, have seen.

    And, no, I’m sorry, but YA stories of 15/16 age teens just don’t satisfy me. It’s all the growing up angst, and “first love”. bleah.

    And I’m worried about the CA: Civil War… all the trailers make it look all grim/dark/angst/death… and you know, that’s not what I want in a movie? And yea, I’m not planning on seeing SM VS BM. *shudder*

  3. carriev Says:

    What’s going on with UF: the market got oversaturated, a lot of it started to get derivative and sub-par, a lot of readers got tired of it, the sales of mass market paperbacks overall have tanked over the last year or so and most UF was in mass market, many of the major series wrapped up (Harris, Harrison, Armstrong, etc.), publishers wouldn’t continue series past two books if the first two books didn’t do well enough (and in UF that meant hitting the NYT list), readers didn’t want to follow series that only lasted two books, which contributed to crappy sales, which means publishers have mostly stopped buying UF.

    Whew. So yeah, it’s kind of a whole series of domino events that were kind of inevitable when a genre gets that popular that quickly.

  4. Any time you want to work on a Rick short story, I’m all for it! I love that character!

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