Deadpool and Zoolander 2

February 15, 2016

These two make for a strangely compelling double feature.  Especially if you’re between the ages of about 38-50 and have an undying penchant for 30-year old pop culture references.

I’m reviewing Deadpool for Lightspeed next month, so I’ll save the bulk of my thoughts (and I do have them) for there.  But I’ll say this much:  it’s exactly what it says on the tin.  Which given that the fans were worried they wouldn’t get what was on the tin — that is to say a raunchy, catty, chatty, fourth-wall-breaking, iconoclastic badass — is doing pretty well.  I liked it.

Zoolander 2.  I saw this because I love Zoolander, which is one of those movies I have to watch whenever it happens to be on and my friends and I all regard with awe and affection.  The sequel doesn’t disappoint at all.  SO FUNNY.  The cameos are off the rails.

Basically, the Zoolander movies are alternate reality science fiction superhero movies.  Of course I love them.



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