Reddit AMA — today!

February 10, 2016

Quick announcement post today:  I’m doing a Reddit AMA — Ask Me Anything!  Post goes up around noon eastern time and I start answering questions around 3. Maybe earlier.  I’ll hop back on here and add the link when it goes live.

And here it is!  The link is live! Go forth and question!

Also, just posted the artwork for a short story of mine that’ll be published in March:  “That Game We Played During the War.”  Isn’t it pretty?  (Link goes to Facebook.)  The story’s about how to play chess against a telepath.



2 Responses to “Reddit AMA — today!”

  1. Kendall L. Says:

    I missed it, though I don’t have a Reddit account anyway. I may have asked about the Master’s degree actually, given the relevance of my almost-complete, but useless, M.A. not yet resulting in any PhD acceptances. I know you’ve mentioned studying in England before. Perhaps I’ll ask another time.

    Also, it’s been a while since I’ve commented here, I think. I loved the ending of the Kitty series (perhaps not that it’s over, but it had to so it’s fine). It was a good ending at least. I could say more about it, but I’ll leave it at that as this point. Thanks for continuing with the Kitty books all these years.

  2. Thomas Stacey Says:

    Such shiny artwork! The story premise sounds very original and interesting too, so I am excited to read it when it comes out. Lots of the others sound fantastic as well.

    I missed the Reddit AMA, but that’s ok. I may read through it when I have the time later if it stays up/online.

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