the usefulness of fanfiction

February 3, 2016

This is yet another Star Wars post.

So, I’m really enjoying the outpouring of love for Rey, Finn and Poe that’s cluttering up the internet right now.  Like, these three are such an endearing ensemble of heroes, we just can’t help but wallow in it all.

Except:  Rey and Poe never actually interact in The Force Awakens.  When the Falcon returns to base after the big climactic thing, Poe glances at Rey, registers her, acknowledging that she’s the one Finn was so desperate to rescue.  But he doesn’t know her, and a second later he’s totally focused on the unconscious Finn and that’s where he goes.  Rey of course doesn’t know who the hell he is or why she should be interested in him.

Later, they’re both standing in the room when the pieces of the map get put together.  One presumes they’ve been introduced by this point.  There was no reason to show this introduction — it’s got nothing to do with the story, really.  From a story perspective, it’s just fine that we never see them interact.  It wouldn’t add anything, and it would clutter up an otherwise slick narrative.  But gosh, wouldn’t it just be so neat?!  And that would be the only reason to show that scene:  because fans like me want to see it.  Note:  narrative flow ought to trump fan service.  So, I’m glad the movie is the way it is.  But still.

I mean, I can totally imagine it.  They both arrive in the infirmary, waiting for news about Finn.  And Poe introduces himself because that’s what he does.  “Hi.  I’m Poe Dameron.  You’re Finn’s friend, aren’t you?”  And I can just see the look on Rey’s face as she realizes that yes, she is Finn’s friend, and he is hers, and she’s never had a friend before, and she kind of wants to freak out a little.  But she doesn’t.  “Yes.  He saved my life.”  And Poe smiles and says, “Mine, too.”

And now they’re friends, too.

GAH!!!  *falls over and fangirls a little more*



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