too much

January 25, 2016

There’s too much TV on right now.  I can’t keep up with it.  Monday TV night has split into two nights because we’re trying to add Legends of Tomorrow and Agent Carter to the line up.  And I really want to watch The Man in the High Castle as well as Mr. Robot, to see if it’s a data point in my evolution of cyberpunk hypothesis, but just haven’t had time.  This is even with all the TV I’ve stopped watching, like Castle and Doctor Who.

So, here’s what I caught up on this week.  Mid-season premiers.  WITH SPOILERS.

Agent Carter:  *insert every emoticon of joy here*  Love love love.  They’re nailing that L.A. noir thing, and I love how there are women villains, but also lots of supportive women who loan Peggy gowns and garter holsters and stuff like that.

Flash:  Oh come on, Barry, you’re smarter than that!  Oh come on, Patty, even Lois Lane eventually notices that whenever her honey disappears, the guy in the supersuit shows up a second later.  That was kind of urgh-worthy.

Arrow:  OMG is Felicity going to be Oracle?  Ohpleaseohpleaseohpleaseohpleaseohplease.

Legends of Tomorrow:  Starring Arthur Darville as the 10th Doctor.  Wait a minute, Rory never even met the 10th Doctor.

Supergirl:  The show is clunky but I still love the ethos of it:  that Kara loves being a superhero and wants to be good at it.  Also:  Martian Manhunter.

The Expanse:  I know too much, because of the books.  OMG THEY’RE GOING TO EROS ARRRRRGGGHHHHH!!!!!!!!

The X-Files:  Haven’t actually got to this one yet.  See what I mean about too much TV?  However, I did go back and watch the very very first episode again — and it holds up really, really well.  Just as brilliant now as it was then.  Manages to lay out a ton of exposition while also being really smart.  And I keep forgetting that the Smoking Man is right there in the room when Scully gets the assignment.  ARGH!

I’ll always have fond memories of this episode because of what was happening in my life when I first saw it.  It aired for the first time just a few weeks before I left for my junior year in the UK.  Because college in the UK starts later in the fall, all my friends had basically already started school and I was sitting at my folks’ house, killing time, waiting for the biggest adventure of my life so far to start.  A really weird place, you know?  But there were ads for this new show that seemed right up my alley — UFO conspiracy stuff with a dose of skepticism.  I watched, and it was so freaking smart, and Scully was so brilliant, and even Mulder for being kind of a loon was also so smart, and the two clicked so beautifully.  It had the structure of a police procedural while being different from any other police procedural I’d ever seen.  And the supernatural was both edgy and subtle.  I was an instant fan.

And then I missed the entire rest of the first season because I was in the UK and this was long before the days of streaming anything.  But the next year, I started viewing nights in the college dorm and sucked in dozens of fans along with me.

So, I’ll always love The X-Files.  But it’s going to take me a couple of days to catch up on the new one.  Thank goodness for the days of streaming and On Demand.  I can watch ten shows at a time because I can actually keep up with them all, and still have a life.



3 Responses to “too much”

  1. Thomas Stacey Says:

    This is how I am feeling with TV right now between the above shows as well as Limitless, Scorpion, Blindspot that I can think of right now. Along with all the anime I watch off of Crunchyroll. That’s why I’m choosing to skip most of it cause I’m so busy with other things and I can always catch up later off of their sites or Netflix/Hulu.

  2. Tim Schmidt Says:

    Plus the Shanarra Chronicles, with The magicians and Lucifer starting this week.


  3. Randy Upton Says:

    Really enjoyed Lucifer, highly recommend it.

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