November 30, 2015

Here’s the roast chicken I did for family Thanksgiving:


It’s got a thyme-garlic-lemon rub on it and it was just as spectacularly yummy as it looks.  Crisp on the outside, juicy on the inside.

Craft-wise right now I’m making a new brocade doublet and knitting a bunch of gifts.  I had a realization this week:  I really like being able to make things.  Roast a whole bird for the table, make cool clothes and things — it’s so tactile and functional.

It’s like I might actually survive after an apocalypse or something.


The finale of The Last Kingdom:  holy cow, people.  Just fantastic.  That battle needs to be required viewing for all SCA people everywhere.  I want more.

And I finished Jessica Jones:  There was some real boneheaded idiot plotting between about episode 7 and 11.  But it managed to pull it back together for the finale.  Can’t say this is a favorite — it went really dark, even for me.  But I’m glad this show exists.


3 Responses to “success!”

  1. Jo Anne Says:

    The chicken was wonderful!


  2. LupLun Says:

    I felt JJ seriously ran out of steam near the end. It was like after 10 episodes, they had hit all the major plot points, so they stretched that last episode into 3 and filled up the empty space with sequel hooks and subplots Even before that point, there was a lot of faffing about with subplots, like that nonsense with Malcolm that nobody cared about after episode 6 or so. Hell, you could probably cut the series in half and it would be a lot more streamlined.

    And the show’s feminist cred is MASSIVELY overrated, but that’s an argument for another day…

  3. Jill Says:

    Chicken looked yummy. New movie for you to try, The Hallow. I want to know if you like it. It’s an indy film set in Ireland.

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