state of the desk/state of the TV

November 18, 2015

I saw a thing pondering, or suggesting, or rumoring, or something, a Doctor Who and Game of Thrones crossover.  I’d only be okay with that if it included the Ninth Doctor standing on the ramparts at King’s Landing shouting, “Everybody lives!  Just this once, everybody lives!”

I still haven’t been watching Doctor Who.  I think I’m about three years behind at this point, and I don’t actually mind all that much.

I have, however, been watching The Last Kingdom, aka crack for early period SCA people.  All my Saxon persona friends should watch it.  I’m trying to figure out why I like this when I bounced off Vikings, which covers almost the exact same period, and I think it’s the level of soap opera.  Vikings seemed overly dependent on angst and drama, while The Last Kingdom is really digging into the politics and religion of the time (almost the same thing then, really), through the experiences of this one character.  It’s much more engaging, I think.

And now the state of the desk:  This has been a very strange year, work wise.  I’ve been bouncing around between lots of different projects — I just did it again last week, and picked up a novel draft I’d set aside for six months and added 10,000 words.  Stuff is getting done, but it feels scattered and without solid deadlines nothing has felt very finished or final.

Getting El Hidalgo de la Noche out was a victory.  The short story collection, Amaryllis and Other Stories, is moving ahead prodigiously (and is available for preorder at a special low price!).  And I will have new stuff coming out for the new year!  I’m just not entirely sure what it will be right at the moment.

A strange time.  More on that when I’ve collected my thoughts enough to talk about.



4 Responses to “state of the desk/state of the TV”

  1. LupLun Says:

    I love Vikings, but for me it’s mostly about blood, thunder, and pregnant Scandinavian women. And Floki. Because Floki is awesome. ^_^

    If you were turned off Doctor Who by the mediocre storytelling the past few years, I totally understand. Last season was so bad that they basically called a do-over on it in the christmas special. But the current season is a vast improvement- they’ve shifted the focus from 40-minute stories to 120-minute stories divided into two-parters, which annoys some fans but helps the pacing dramatically. And Capaldi is finding his feet in the role, too, after being dragged down by bad material last season. There are still missteps- Before the Flood doesn’t match the previous episode’s intensity, and Sleep No More is a real stinker- but there are also plenty of memorable moments. Michelle Gomez’s Missy, one of the few good things from last season, returns for the first two episodes, and episode two sees the show stolen by Julian Bleach as an aging and surprisingly sympathetic Davros. And the climax of The Zygon Inversion is Capaldi’s BEST moment as the doctor to date, bar none.

    Also the doctor plays electric guitar now. How could you not love that? ^_^

  2. Kathy Says:

    I broke up with the Doctor last year, after 3 episodes. In the past 3 episodes after a regeneration I’m totally hooked on a new Doctor, but I disliked this one more and more with each episode. I might watch the Christmas Special, though, as River Song is in it.

  3. Halfway through last year’s season, I decided to go on a temporary hiatus from Doctor Who, at least until Moffat steps down from the showrunner position. No biggie, though, as now I’ve been drawn into the world of Big Finish Productions’ Doctor Who audio dramas.

  4. LupLun Says:

    OH! And have you been watching Sense8? Because you totally should, it’s one of the best bits of character-driven sci-fi in years.

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