September 16, 2015

Do I think magic exists?  Yes.  You wanna know I how know?  Because I was able to turn this:



Into a bunch of pesto that will last me all winter:


(Okay, so I didn’t actually turn all the mint into pesto, just the basil and sage, because mint pesto would probably be kind of…interesting.  But I will turn the mint into tea which will be AWESOME. And magical.)



4 Responses to “magic!”

  1. Jaws Says:

    Actually, mint (plus flat-leaf parsley, a touch of garlic, and a touch of marjoram) makes a fabulous pesto to add as a “finisher” to a lot of Middle Eastern dishes. Half a teaspon tossed in just before serving turns maftoul from the bland equivalent of instant mashed potatoes into something that can actually stand up to a khoresh or a grilled meat dish…

  2. Nicholas Says:

    Mint tea is nice. Also, we’re rather fond of this lemon and mint cordial recipe:

  3. Mint pesto is right tasty, and in fact I’ve served it to you multiple times, stuffed into a leg of lamb.

    Blend mint with a little olive oil, some bread crumbs, garlic, and pine nuts. Smear on whatever needs smearing, and you’re good!

  4. carriev Says:

    I eat corrected! Thank you for the recipes!

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