another Yellowstone pic

August 21, 2015

I have a couple of big thoughtful meaty posts started, but I can’t seem to get my brain focused enough to polish them up.  Next week for sure!  And next week, a month of traveling starts.  I’ve really enjoyed my time at home, but I need to start thinking about what I need to do to gear up for Bubonicon, DragonCon, and beyond.

Also, it didn’t help that I had to take my iPad to the iPad hospital yesterday. That was stressful!  But it’s all better now.

I thought I had a good picture of the West Thumb Geyser Basin, but I can’t find it.  A little late to be organizing my Yellowstone pictures from two years ago, yeah?  But I found this one, which I like quite a lot.  This is at the Grand Prismatic Spring, which is the beautiful, colorful spring you always see in aerial shots.  Well, this is from the boardwalk alongside.  It doesn’t show the whole great scene, but the colors and layering are still magnificent.  The whole park has spots like this, where you just have to squint a little and you’re suddenly on an alien planet.

large prismatic


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