so I’ve been thinking….

July 15, 2015



Superheroism/villainy in Starling City is viral.  Slade is Patient Zero, Oliver and Sarah are carriers who, once infected, spread the virus to Roy, Laurel, and Thea.  And possibly Diggle and Palmer?  But it’s spread from person to person in that tangle of relationships.  Eventually, everybody on that show is gonna be a damn superhero.

In Central City, superheroism/villainy is acute.  That is, one inciting incident produced all the metahumans.  There won’t be any more without another inciting event.  Like, oh, SOME KIND OF COSMIC TIME VORTEX???

We’ve already gotten hints of other classic DC cities in this world — I remember Opal City getting mentioned at one point.  (Starman cameo!!! Ohpleaseohpleaseohplease.)  So of course I’m now wondering what other disease metaphors/vectors for superheroism might be possible…




One Response to “so I’ve been thinking….”

  1. jdtargett Says:

    I think they’ve mentioned Coast City, Bludhaven, (Nightwing) and The Flash has visited Ferris Airfield (Green Lantern). No mention of Gotham or Metropolis yet though!

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