new story!

July 8, 2015

My latest story “Crazy Rhythm” is now up on Lightspeed!  (It’s also crossposted on io9!  I’m taking over!!!)  This is my WWI tank in silent-era Hollywood story.  Because I like smooshing things together that don’t normally go together.  Fun things happen.

Here are a couple of videos that will add a bit of background info:

Here are the Hines Brothers performing the song where I got the title from in the movie The Cotton Club.  (The movie’s okay, but all of the musical numbers in it are fantastic.)  Anyway, this song was one of the first bits of 1920’s music I ever heard and I love just about every version of it.

And this one:

This is some pretty good period footage of the Mark V tank.  It looks so rudimentary and primitive compared to modern tanks.  But I keep imagining myself as a soldier in the trenches seeing one of these for the first time — or a whole line of them, creeping toward my position.  And it’s pretty terrifying.  It’s a strange and interesting machine.



4 Responses to “new story!”

  1. Adam. Says:

    Had a boat called Crazy Rhythm as a teenager.

    Believe it or not Firefly class.

  2. Tim Schmidt Says:


    Its said that many of the German solders panicked and fled at the 1st sight of these monsters. What isn’t apparent from the pictures is that they were very noisy and made a lot of smoke, especially when firing their machine guns. This added to their frightening aspect but was also hard on the crews inside.

    Later, the Germans learned that the tanks weren’t invulnerable and things got tougher for the tankers.


  3. KC Says:

    I enjoyed this story, Crazy Rhythms. Felt like I was right there, on the movie set, the club, downtown.

    You had mention doing research on tanks awhile back.

    I print these out. Can’t read stories on a device.

  4. David Bowles Says:

    Remember that many early tanks were riveted, which turned out to be disastrous for the crew when hit with any weapon that could dislodge the rivets.

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