June 17, 2015

May was the wettest month on record for the U.S., and for many parts of Colorado (But not all.  Interesting!).  Here in the Boulder area it’s been raining outrageously, which has confused all the growing things.  Some plants went wild, while some forgot to leaf out at all.

This is my flower patch:


It’s going like gangbusters.  I’ve never had this many blooms.  I love this little patch because a) it’s so productive, and b) it’s so weird.  I didn’t plant it — it was like this when I moved in, and it’s such an odd combination of colors and plants.  Like whoever did it got random plants and just stuck them in.  Purple, orange, pink?  I would not have thought of that.

But I did plant the columbines:


Because you can’t get any more Colorado than columbines and aspen.




3 Responses to “garden”

  1. WanabePBWriter Says:

    Rocky’s, Bronco’s, and breast cancer awareness.

  2. Nicole Says:

    Just wanted to leave a shout out that After the Golden Age is the featured book on my public library’s page – first thing you see when you open the website. 🙂

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