Monday update

June 15, 2015

It’s less than two months until the release of KITTY SAVES THE WORLD!  OMG!  I’m starting to ramp up the promotion right now, so you’ll be seeing more about this in coming weeks.

First off:  You still have a couple of weeks to sign up for this Goodreads giveaway.  Get the book before everyone else!

kitty saves the world MM - Copy

I turned on the new SyFy show Dark Matter right in the middle and here’s my impression:  It seems like it’s trying really really hard to be Firefly, but dark, and with no wit or charm. I turned it on in time to see the young woman character explain that she’s actually River Tam.

And I’m finally halfway through Netflix’s Daredevil, a month after everyone else stopped talking about it.  I am intrigued.  And it’s really really violent.  Like, amazingly violent.  But what I’m liking is the dialog, and what they’re doing with Fisk, making him sympathetic by introducing him as this awkward guy trying to ask a woman on a date — right before showing what a maniac he is.  Hey, Vanessa, when Fisk said, “My painting.”  That’s when you needed to get up and leave the room forever.  (And that’s how you do dialog.  Two words, and the bottom dropped out of my stomach.)



3 Responses to “Monday update”

  1. Carbonman Says:

    I watched the whole first episode of Dark Matter and it’s burdened with several tropes. It seems there’s a little of Cube in it as well. It gets another couple of episodes before I decide to take it or leave it. At least Orphan Black is still reliable fun. Don’t mess with Helena’s ‘babies’…
    I’ll be interested in seeing whether Killjoys is any good. I admit the line “I have a headache, a badge and a gun. Behave!” brought a smile to my lips when I saw the promos.
    Daredevil will have to wait until Showcase, Bravo or Space pick it up. My wife won’t allow any more TV services than we have now.
    I’ll have to sneak Kitty Saves the World into the house. I’m up to almost 50 books in my ‘to read’ list on the shelf. I can hardly wait!

  2. juliefore Says:

    Carrie, I just check Amazon for your new Kitty book. Why is the preorder paperback cheaper than the kindle edition? Enquiring minds and all of that.

  3. carriev Says:

    I imagine they started out the same price but Amazon is discounting the paperback, and not the Kindle. These things all get so wonky, I know it’s frustrating.

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