on the road

June 1, 2015

Two trips down, one to go.  I had a two-hour turn around between the camping trip and the Rio Hondo writers workshop.  I have a two-day turn around before the dive trip.  I feel like, I don’t actually travel that much, but for some reason all the travel seems to get crammed into a short space, which is exhausting.

But I made the effort to go to yoga class this morning.  It’s like getting a massage from the inside out. Feeling much better.

Two links for you:

My story “Bannerless,” which is something of a prequel to my Hugo-nominated story “Amaryllis,” is posted on Wired as a preview for the anthology The End Has Come.  Woohoo!

Also on Wired, I did a podcast discussion about Mad Max: Fury Road for Geek’s Guide to the Galaxy.  You can hear me gush emotionally about the Vuvalini in person!

I skimmed the comments there, and it’s more of the same:  it’s just action, you’re reading too much into it!  I’ve decided I actually feel kind of sorry for people who really, genuinely, can’t find any meaning in a story like this.  The world must seem very flat to them.


5 Responses to “on the road”

  1. Need to get back into yoga too!

  2. WanabePBWriter Says:

    If on your trip you are tempted to watch GOT, be prepared for a horrible cliché of a maternal instinct perpetrated against a new hopeful strong woman character.
    When I saw this scene, I said to myself “Oh that’s going piss Carrie off!”

    Happy Diving

  3. carriev Says:

    Too late, already saw that. And yeah, it was a little obvious. Usually characters I like last longer than an episode. Mostly with GoT I just give a big sigh anymore.

  4. LupLun Says:

    Lot of that going around. I have an awful time convincing people that Warm Bodies is actually a story about partisan politics and conservative fanaticism. And I’ve just given up on trying to defend The Lone Ranger as a deconstructive treatment of the Great White Frontier Hero- people see Johnny Depp acting like a clown in redface and start screaming racism so hard it drowns everything else out.

  5. Kyle Says:

    I enjoyed the story, which has a relaxed, warm, almost gently breezy tone to my ears. Towards the end I started thinking, hmm, the world that this story inhabits is starting to sound very familiar, including the banner. Did I read another story like this somewhere before? As it turns out, that 2010 Lightspeed anthology was my first introduction to your storytelling, via Amaryllis. It was also my introduction to several other great writers as well.

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