is it spring yet?

April 24, 2015

I think it may be Spring.  I mean, really spring, and not just the date on the calendar.  I mean, we had snow last week.  I was back in boots and my parka.  But this week?  Well, I turned on the sprinkler system.  I’m planning my first trip to the local farmer’s market tomorrow.  I cleared out all the dead stuff from my container garden.  I now have a bunch of pots full of freshly turned dirt waiting for new plants.  I was doing all this work in capri pants and flip flops.  That sure feels like spring.

I’m ready for spring, finally.  Even if we get another snow, new plants should be okay.  Maybe I really can start wearing shorts and tank tops.  I had just about forgotten what it feels like to be warm outside.  This happens every year — I feel like some tired mollusk creeping out of its shell.  A little bit relieved, a little bit shy, because this is Colorado and we could get one more big snow.

But right now, I think it might really, actually be spring, at last.



2 Responses to “is it spring yet?”

  1. WanabePBWriter Says:

    Speaking of mollusks, how is the girl and her squid story coming?

  2. Thomas Stacey Says:

    Haha… I actually had to go find the image that inspired the girl and her squid story after that. It’s still so awesome that you made that Carrie. Hope you niece gets over her fear in a few years.

    Really hope spring is here myself. Some of the days we got a lot of snow were no fun with me having to run around to a lot of different locations for my job. The nice weather has been enjoyable too when it still hasn’t been halfway cold from the clouds.

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