a couple of reviews

April 20, 2015

My Facebook feed was jam packed with convention stuff this weekend.  Starfest, Star Wars Celebration, and what seemed like a dozen other conventions.  I’d see pictures and get confused as to which convention I was looking at.  Starfest was cool as usual.  The highlight might have been Victoria Price’s presentation about her father, Vincent Price.  Getting that kind of in-depth and personal insight into such a great icon was really special.

So there’s a new Star Wars trailer.  Yeah, it’ll do.

And now my take on the series finale of Justified:  Sobbed like a baby for the last five minutes.  The end brought everything all the way back around to the beginning, and that was great.

I still think they completely screwed up Ava.  And they did it two seasons ago.  This last season once again demonstrated that Boyd can shoot people in just about every episode — in the back, in the front, impulsively, calculatingly — and he doesn’t worry about where the body goes or getting caught.  But the one time Ava did it, we had to spend an entire season running around having vapors and doing stupid things that practically ensured she’d get caught.  And when she came back from prison, was she tough?  Was she mad?  Was she hardened?  No, she became entirely reactive, uncertain, at the mercy of both Boyd and Raylen.  Even when she developed a plan and shot Boyd, that was in response to her discovering that Boyd shot Dewey, not because of any long-term goal.  Even after stealing the money, what does she do?  Runs all over the mountain, begging her uncle for help, whining and crying when the new plan doesn’t go well.  This is not the Ava who laid out her husband with a shotgun in episode #1.  I don’t believe this Ava is real.

And that last scene.  Maybe I missed it, but the show failed to answer one important question:  did Ava want that baby?  How did she feel about the pregnancy?  She avoided getting pregnant for years, so one assumes she planned this, but did she plan it, or did Boyd?  Boyd talked about having kids.  She didn’t.  So she has a baby, she obviously loves the baby, but at any point did she want a baby? Understanding that forced pregnancy is one of the ways abusers control their victims, and considering how Boyd treated Ava throughout this season, this is actually a really important question.  Just think about the implications for a minute, and realize the show had an opportunity for one last moment of really gut-punchy characterization.  But instead of going that route, this seemed more like a ploy to make Ava seem more likeable and sympathetic at the end.

So yeah, Loretta may be the most interesting and well-developed female character on the show.  But maybe that’s just me.


2 Responses to “a couple of reviews”

  1. WanabePBWriter Says:

    For the entire season Ava had about as much volition as a pinball. I remember all the way through thinking at any point all these people are going to see right through her, that she was so obvious especially with Boyd and Katherine.

    It was like the only direction her character got was to be afraid. This made no sense to me, from the previous season when she was in prison doing what she had to do. All of a sudden she went from a survivor to a defeated abuse victim, one that cannot get themselves out on their own, that has to be rescued, having someone else solve their problem.

    It really made no sense at all that Ave could not get herself gone once she had the money. That would have made so much more sense with both Raylen finding her at the end and covering her tracks with Boyd.

    Katherine’s death also seemed to add to the feeling, seeming to have the message; if you keep playing with the boys you will lose and if you don’t you were just lucky.

    Trying to respond to your review over the past couple of days, this has just made less and less sense to the whole story arc.

  2. carriev Says:

    And it’s such an odd miststep, given how well the rest of the show was put together. I loved that the Attorney General’s office finally called the Marshal’s office for letting Raylen go off the reservation like that. Everything else was good. So why did they screw up so bad with Ava? The only thing I can think is they weren’t thinking of her as a character, they were only thinking of her in terms of a plot device for Boyd and Raylen’s storylines. So frustrating.

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