Happy Friday!

April 10, 2015

This is becoming a thing, I think, where I get to the end of the week and throw together a blog post.  I’m late today because I went riding this morning.  TinyHorse for the win!  She’s doing great.

TV update:

Agents of SHIELD.  I’m frustrated with this show because it feels like the last three episodes were pretty much all the same episode, with the same dialog but just spoken in different situations.  Kyle MacLachlan is making it bearable with his truly enjoyable brand of crazy.  Basically:  if AoS is going to be hamstrung by the release of the big Marvel movie in May every year, they maybe ought to think of just canning it.  Or running it in the summer.  Or something.

Justified.  I think it should end with Art throwing everyone in prison and walking off into the sunset wearing Raylen’s hat.

The Flash.  As a fan of the first Flash TV show, the Mark Hamill guest appearance was a thing of beauty and perfection.  Also, this show has now won all the fan service points.  There are no more fan service points to win.

Here, have a picture of days of superhero Halloweens past:


I just noticed the terrible 1970’s carpet in this.  Yikes.


One Response to “Happy Friday!”

  1. WanabePBWriter Says:

    Kudos for the horse ride. Another benefit of clearing the desk.

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