snow and movies

March 4, 2015

I’m not a big fan of cold, but I do like snow (which is one of the many reasons why I stay in Colorado).  One of the things I like about snow:  the way it sometimes partially melts and then re-freezes in really cool ways.  Like, half-melting through the slats in the pergola over the back porch.


It’s like a giant snow fungus, isn’t it?

What can you do in the snowy season but stay in and watch movies?

Seeking a Friend for the End of the World

Nebbish middle-aged dude teams up with his flighty neighbor to a) find his lost love and b) get flighty neighbor back to England before the world is destroyed by a giant asteroid.  This is the kind of movie you can sit around arguing about whether or not it’s science fiction.  Either way, it was pretty well done.

SPOILERS!  Because I am going to fix the ending for you.

I didn’t want to like this, dripping as it is with Manic Pixie Dreamgirl, but it got me.  The scene where he puts her on the airplane?  I sobbed like a freaking baby.  He spends the whole movie saying he knows a guy with a plane to get her home, and when you realize who has the plane and the emotional hurdle Dodge had to clear to get to that point — oh, it’s just a great moment.

I would have ended the movie with Dodge lying on the floor of Penny’s apartment, listening to her records, smiling.

Instead, the movie goes the ultra cliche romantic route, and she comes back, which to my thinking completely undermines the power of the scene at the airplane.  It may also completely undermine the emotional arc of the entire movie, during which both characters admit they don’t know how to be alone and have gotten into really bad relationships because they’re scared of being alone.  And here they are doing it again, because the only reason this relationship isn’t going to go bad is that the frakking world is over.  But anyway.  Still not a fan of ultra cliche romance I guess.

The movie also got me thinking about what I would do if the world was ending in a week.  And I realized:  I would stop writing.  (Now, if I got some kind of terminal diagnosis I would probably keep writing for as long as I could, because someone will still be there to read it.  End of the world? Not so much.)  I’d make a nice dinner for my friends.  I would read The Blue Sword one more time, and watch Star Wars and Labyrinth one more time.  I would go birdwatching at Walden Ponds for a day, and listen to a lot of music.  I would go hug TinyHorse, and all the other horses too.  I would buy a $100 bottle of wine and drink it very slowly.  I would call my niece.  And then I’d probably do whatever my mom wanted me to do, because, you know, mom.


6 Responses to “snow and movies”

  1. Jo Anne Says:

    Thank you.


  2. LupLun Says:

    I’d seal some select choices from my library in amber and bury it as far underground as I could. If the earth survives, whatever comes after us will have at least a few scraps of our culture to remember us by.

    Then I would hide in a natural cave system, deep underground, with a cache of supplies and books on hunting, stone-age agriculture, basic crafts, and so forth. Everybody dies sometimes. Might as well go down fighting.

  3. David Graves Says:

    Hi Carrie,..I just began re-reading your ‘Kitty’ series again and as before, I enjoy them very much. Your twists on the vampire and werewolf themes make an interesting read on a snowy day. Like yourself and many others, I suppose, I enjoy the many facets of snow and have spent more than a few hours on a moonlit night in high country listening to the almost silent whisper of falling snow. Maybe I’ll see you on Facebook one day. Until then, take care and keep craning them out…David

  4. carriev Says:

    Thanks for reading!

  5. David Graves Says:

    My pleasure..

  6. […] Carrie Vaughn talks about Seeking a Friend for the End of the World, and has a pretty simple fix for the ending: […]

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