schedule — Boston!

February 11, 2015

I will be in Boston this week.  That is, I’m planning on being in Boston this week.  Everyone I’ve said this to over the last couple of days has given me this skeptical side-eye, seeing as how the region is well on its way to becoming Ice Planet Hoth.  Nevertheless, until the airline or the convention or the mayor of Boston or the governor of Massachusetts tells me otherwise, the plan remains intact.

If that changes, I will tell you.  I’ll do my best to post here and/or on Facebook.  And please, if it’s dangerous for you to travel, don’t.

First up, Thursday at 7 pm, I’ll be reading and signing at the Harvard Coop Bookstore.  I think this is my first real bookstore event in this part of the country, so I’m very excited!

Next up, Boskone.  I’m on a ton of programming, including the usual round of panels, readings, and signings.  The program is up on the site — check it out!

And maybe I’ll see you soon!


2 Responses to “schedule — Boston!”

  1. Thomas Stacey Says:

    Have a safe trip there and back home! Have fun too!

  2. This is why I should check the schedule – I just assume you aren’t coming out east. ARG!

    Well, safe travel, have a wonderful time, sorry about the snow and I will see you next time you’re out here!!

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