look what I made!

February 2, 2015

Cooking is still something I have to make an effort at, even though I’ve spent a lot of time practicing and have gotten a lot better at it.  On top of that cooking for one is a challenge — it’s so much easier to stick a frozen pizza in the oven than to put out the effort to make something.  But every now and then, I nail it.  Behold:



Meatballs and pasta.  The sauce is made from scratch — part of a batch from a couple of weeks ago that I froze.  I made a big batch of the meatballs and froze what I didn’t use for future eating.  So not only did I eat a nice, hot, fresh meal, I will have more nice, hot, fresh meals in the future.  This kind of thing makes me feel so virtuous.



6 Responses to “look what I made!”

  1. Janice Says:

    Good for you! I do things like that too. I make batches of soup, chili, and taco meat and freeze all of them in containers. Even though I love cooking, there are days (ahem…weeks) that I have no desire to do much of anything in the kitchen. Having something to pull out of the freezer is such a nice option.

  2. Jazzlet Says:

    It’s a wonderful feeling having your own home-made ready meals stashed away in the freezer. There are two of us, but I rarely make food just for two, some is kept for home use, but some is portioned up for lunches at work so OH eats healthily there. And we save a ton of money doing this too.

  3. Gerald Smith Says:


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  4. Thomas Stacey Says:

    A thousand times this!

    I mildly enjoy cooking, but need to get at least somewhat better at it as well, but I also feel like it is such a challenge to cook for 1, especially recently when I come home exhausted and stressed from my job every day. It is great and rewarding when I do it, but I don’t put out the effort too often. Even then I think I need some more sizable cookware (which is a goal, just hard to do when money is tight) to make more than enough to last me for just two extra meals so I can freeze some leftovers, which sounds like a wonderful idea.

    This is one more reason I enjoy reading your blog, as it always is interesting hearing about your cooking since it is one of the areas I struggle in myself.

  5. Tim Schmidt Says:

    Both you and Kat Richardson have blogs about making delicious meals today. Which I read right after eating a TV dinner.


  6. Carbonman Says:

    Cooking is one of my great pleasures. My wife and I often fight over who gets to cook dinner – I always prepare Saturday morning breakfast.
    I cook a proper meal, even when alone; it’s my chance to experiment and occasionally make a mess. Good food fuels me for the next morning’s gym workout and serves as a reward for dealing with all the daily trials and tribulations.

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