Filling the Well

recovery Friday


My brain blew up again this week.  I had a bunch of projects — a critique, galleys, documentation for a couple of SCA projects because I decided to enter them into an A&S event this weekend (why, god, why?! because I can, that’s why) — all of them tedious things impossible to finish in one go.  They took up all my time this week, then I finished them all yesterday afternoon and my brain is suddenly at loose ends.  So, no real blog post, but here’s a sonnet I wrote awhile back.  I think the prompt was “Doctor Who.”


Prospero Arrives on the Island

Thus witness we nobility brought low.

Wreck’d and wash’d up by a foreign tide,

Cast out in exile by a hateful foe,

Alone–but for the young girl by his side.

Dangers threaten them at every turn:

Fearsome elements and tempests wild–

But beauty dwells here also, as they learn,

Fair spirits brave and bold, and evenings mild.

Then yon iron Caliban doth swears

To all opposing souls exterminate.

But a magic staff our wizard bears–

A vast and fateful power to create.

He halts his enemy, reverses crime–

And thus we know him as a lord of time.