two movies

December 22, 2014

I’m delaying seeing the third Hobbit installment until next weekend, when I can gather my usual posse of friends together for an outing. In the meantime, have two other movie reviews.

Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb

I really do like this series of movies, because they have a lot of heart and they’re great for history geeks. In this one, the gang goes to the British Museum.  So, drool.  Except, I’ve actually been the British Museum, and the British Museum does not have dinosaurs. Anyway, on the other hand, they got the Elgin Marbles room exactly right, and those things coming to life were just creepy, which I was not expecting.  So yes, this was nice, simple and straightforward.

And utterly, completely heartbreaking when we get to the part where Ben Stiller’s character has to say goodbye to Robin William’s Teddy Roosevelt, and I’m sitting there watching and knowing it really is goodbye and just crying my eyes out. Too much sad.

Odd Thomas

This is ostensibly a ghost story — a small town cook can see ghosts and takes it upon himself to avenge murdered spirits, and prevent their killers from doing more harm.  So actually, really, it’s a stealth superhero movie, and taken from that point of view, I really liked it.  I also liked it because in other versions I’ve seen of this basic story, a big chunk of the conflict comes from people not believing the guy’s power, thinking he’s crazy, etc. etc.  But here, he has a cadre of friends who completely back him up.  The police chief in town believes him and covers for him.  He has friends throughout the movie, which becomes more about teamwork than a lone wolf, and as I’ve discussed before, that kind of story is appealing to me more and more.  This flick has a ton of heart, even with a sad ending, and Anton Yelchin (new Chekov!) is just splendid as Odd. Makes me want to read the book, and I’ve never read a Dean Koontz book.

And I’ve also now seen both The Muppet Christmas Carol and White Christmas, which are my two holiday must-see movies.



3 Responses to “two movies”

  1. WJ Says:

    At some point, you need to add “Holiday Inn” to the must-see Christmas list. Merry Christmas and a wonderfully happy, healthy, productive New Year!

  2. carriev Says:

    I’m not a big fan of “Holiday Inn.” Not Christmasy enough, and I’ve seen the version where they *didn’t* edit out the big blackface number for Lincoln’s brithday. :-/

  3. Linda T Says:

    I loved Odd Thomas! It actually inspired me to read the book. I liked the book. Not quite as much as I liked the movie, but it did fill in quite a few gaps in the story.

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