for my own edification

December 19, 2014

Sometimes when I get overwhelmed or feel like I’m spinning my wheels, I’ll sit down at the end of the day and make a list of everything I did that day.  It’s kind of the opposite of a to-do list or a goal list, the kind of thing I normally do.  I’ve talked before about how sometimes I don’t realize what I’ve accomplished because I’m so focused on what I haven’t done, what I want to do, the books I haven’t written yet and the goals I haven’t reached.  This can get stressful.

Every now and then I realize that yes, it’s important to look backward a bit, just so I can see what progress I’ve made.  It’s reassuring, to make that list and think, “Oh, yes, I have been busy!”

After MileHi Con, I looked at the calendar, saw I had two months of pretty much unbroken down time — no travel, no deadlines — and I decided this was a chance to do ALL THE THINGS.

This may have been a miscalculation.

All those little projects I kept saying I was going to do, all that end-of-the-year stuff, the last minute rush to finish the goal list — yeah, I made up a list and decided to do it all. And there were a few days in there when it felt like I was being smooshed under that to-do list.  Because I started all these projects, had them all going at once, without actually finishing any of them right away — it was a bit much.

But the end is in sight. I have done Many Things in the last six weeks or so. I think it’s been worth it. I’ve gotten a lot done, cleared my plate of some very long-term projects, and have a better idea of what I’m going to be working on next year.  Between Christmas and New Year’s, I think I will do nothing but knit and read and scribble notes.  And celebrate the release of LOW MIDNIGHT, of course!

One of these days I’m going to figure out how to not be busy.  (*laughs*)

For my own edification, maybe a tiny bit of bragging, and to make myself feel better that yes, I absolutely have something to show for all the work I’ve been doing, here’s what I’ve accomplished over the last month:

  • Finished and mostly revised a rough draft of Rise of the Golden Age (Golden Age #3).
  • Set up a Zazzle store for KNOB swag.
  • Published “Paranormal Bromance” as an e-book. (All the relevant links can be found here.)
  • Wrote the early draft of a screenplay. (It still needs a lot of work, but I’m learning to write screenplays, so yay! I have a post I want to do about this process.)
  • Arranged a bunch of travel for January and February.
  • Did a critique for Odyssey.
  • Worked on setting up a newsletter system.  Signup is here.
  • Worked on putting together a web site for Harry and Marlowe. It’s all done, we just have to get the URL linked up.

(Note, I had help on some of these items, like the Zazzle store and the website. Without such help, I wouldn’t have gotten anything done.)

This is all exactly the kind of stuff that gets pushed to the side when I’m focused on a novel with a deadline in sight — administrative, promotional, extra bits that are fun but not necessary. So, it felt good to get some of this out of the way.  And it’s been cool having a bunch of stuff to promote at the end of the year, building up momentum to head into the new year.

*deep breath*

But yes, I think it may be time to uncork a bottle of wine and sit back for a little while.  I hear there’s this new Hobbit movie I should try to go see…



2 Responses to “for my own edification”

  1. Jo Anne Says:

    I think “not busy” would be very difficult.


  2. Jazzlet Says:

    A Harry and Marlowe website? *rushes to sign up to newsletter*

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