Paranormal Bromance goes live this week!

December 15, 2014

It’s here!

The Kindle version of Paranormal Bromance is now live!

Vaughn-ParanormalBromance - Copy

This is the story of Sam, who is a vampire, but not a particularly good one.  And now he’s having a midlife crisis. Or is that a mid-unlife crisis?

Nook, iBooks, and Kobo versions are on the way.  I’ll get those links up just as soon as they’re live. (I’m still on a learning curve with this stuff.)  Update:  Kobo version is live!  And here’s the Nook version!  And here’s the iTunes. Only took three days, woot!

I need to thank Emily of E.M. Tippetts Book Design for holding my hand through this whole endeavor, and Maureen McHugh and Paolo Bacigalupi for the pep talks that made me finally get this thing out into the world.

A couple of other notes:

Check out the new Holy Taco Church newsletter.

I’m also in the process of spinning up a newsletter of my own. I had an old e-mail list, but I’m going to phase that out.  Sign up for the new one here.

Oh my gosh, this has been such a busy month. But it’s all coming together…



6 Responses to “Paranormal Bromance goes live this week!”

  1. Gerald Smith Says:

    Just saw a book on steampunk crafts and thought of you. Happy holidays

    Respectfully Jer

    Sent from my iPhone


  2. Griggk the goblin Says:

    I’ll be looking for it on Nook. I just went through the rigamarole of posting a novella to both Nook and Kindle, so I feel your pain.

  3. Sharon Says:

    I just signed up for the newsletter. Thank you for offering a text option.

  4. Kendall Lovely Says:

    I don’t normally do ebooks, but I think I’ll get this one.

  5. Joelle Says:

    I quite enjoyed Paranormal Bromance. Thanks!

    On the mobi version, the links to your other books are missing. The last screen looks like this:

    Other Books by Carrie Vaughn
    About the Author
    Copyright Notice

    All the formatting needed for reading the story itself is perfect.

  6. Emily E Says:

    The Kobo version did not work. Had to jump through hoops to get customer service. Off to another store…

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