LOW MIDNIGHT sneak peek

December 8, 2014

It’s just a few more weeks until LOW MIDNIGHT hits bookshelves!  I tracked down a little smidgeon of a scene I thought you guys might like to see:

Low Midnight - small


     As he left the Jeep, he put his hand in his pocket, keeping hold of a bit of sage and the lighter, more to steady himself than any thought that he’d be able to use it. If they ran into trouble, there’d be guns, and Amelia didn’t know any spells to protect against that. They’d either have to run for it or talk their way out of it.

One step at a time.

Kitty moved ahead, her nose tipped into the air, flaring. When she glanced back at him, she looked worried. “I don’t like this.”

He steered her on, over a rise and into a dip between hills, not quite big enough to be a valley. Treeless, gravelly earth sloped downward to a weather-worn, unpainted shed. He didn’t see anyone, but Kitty was right, something was off here. Like a roomful of people holding their breaths.

Back in the day, the shed hid the entrance to the abandoned mine tunnel where the weapons stockpile was kept. Now, the whole thing looked deserted. That was probably the idea.

“Cormac, something’s wrong here,” Kitty said. She’d gone into full danger stance, her shoulders bunched up and her back hunched, like hackles rising. Her arms hung at her sides, her fingers curled into claws. She stopped, knees bent, like she expected to have to run.

“What do you smell?”

“That’s just it, it’s not a smell, it’s a feeling, it’s just wrong. Dead, rotten, evil–Cormac, I remember this, from back in Walsenberg–” Her shocked eyes and the edge of panic in her voice triggered his own memories.

“Skinwalker,” he said. “Shit.”

Right pocket, arrowhead charm.

He took out the arrowhead, tied to a simple leather cord, and pulled it down around his neck. It said something, that he didn’t remember half the stuff Amelia had him keep in his pockets. The Navajo arrowhead was a simple enough charm, but promised sure protection against skinwalkers: shape-shifters, but not lycanthropes. It was a very dark kind of magic. A skinwalker was a specific type of Navajo magician, required to perform human sacrifice in exchange for their powers. The last skinwalker Cormac encountered was a woman. Killing her, even in defense, had sent him to prison. Something about “excessive force. . .”

So, Nolan didn’t have a werewolf working with him. He had one of these bastards.

He was about to tell Kitty to get back in the Jeep when the wolf came at her, crashing through the pine trees at the edge of the clearing and charging. Her, not him–maybe it could tell what she was and identified her as the bigger threat. Or maybe the arrowhead charm actually worked. Whatever it was, the wolf slammed into her, jaw open and angled for her neck. She didn’t have time to run.

He’d never missed the presence of a gun in his hand more than he did now.


(The book’s due out December 30! Here’s the link for the Tattered Cover, here’s the Amazon link, and here’s Barnes and Noble.  And yes, there’s an audiobook too!)


4 Responses to “LOW MIDNIGHT sneak peek”

  1. barbtaub Says:

    Wow! Now that’s an exciting scene!

  2. Heather Says:

    Can’t wait!

  3. Carbonman Says:

    You’re cruel – we’re already excited to get into the next Kitty book and you taunt us with this! What’s worse is that it won’t be available until early/mid January at Chapters, if they run true to form.

  4. Howard Brazee Says:

    Someone asked me for a recommended reading order for the Kitty books – seeing a limited supply in the store she shops in. I said, just pick the oldest one she doesn’t already have. (I’m a fan of publishing order – unless one book is particularly addictive or the earliest is not representative).

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