coming attractions!

December 1, 2014

It’s THIRTY DAYS until the release of Low Midnight!  I’ve been waiting so long for you guys to be able to read this.  Years.  And it’s almost here.  Eeeeek!

I’ve decided I have to distract myself in the meantime. So, I’ve put together a few surprises, and I’ll be letting you know about them throughout the coming weeks.  It’s like Christmas!  Oh, hey, it kind of is the holidays, isn’t it?  Cool!

First surprise, to whet your appetite:  I’m putting the finishing touches on an e-book novella and I’m hoping it’ll be up and available in a week or so.  As I said, a few finishing touches.  But I do have the cover to show you:

Vaughn-ParanormalBromance - Copy

Paranormal Bromance:  It’s the story of three Gen-X vampires sharing a basement apartment in Denver who discover that Gen-Xers really don’t make very good vampires.

This is one of those ideas that came up over the dinner table, and I don’t think people thought that I’d really go through with it. . .but I did!  And I’ll let you know when it goes live.

Yay, December!!!!


2 Responses to “coming attractions!”

  1. gjperch Says:

    Cool. So curious, how long from concept to finished product?

  2. carriev Says:

    A couple of years. Mostly because I sat on it for a year trying to figure out what the hell I should do with the thing!

    It’s a 22,000 word novella.

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