starting on the holidays early, and I don’t even care

November 19, 2014

Last week, my part of the world was blanketed with snow and freezing temperatures, dropping us into instant winter after a very balmy autumn.  In something like a Pavlovian reaction, I immediately started playing Christmas music.  I felt guilty about it.  It’s early.  I tried not to.  But I got restless, cranky, until I switched back over to my Vince Guaraldi Pandora station.  I’ve already listened to the Nutcracker Suite and am considering going to see the ballet this year. I got hold of Sting’s If on a Winter’s Night album  (it’s marvelous!), and I think I’m finally going to track down Loreena McKennett’s A Winter Garden this year.

I know I ought to wait until Thanksgiving to get the holidays going.  But you know what?  I don’t care.  It seems like for the last few years — a lot of years — I’ve been super busy, with deadlines on December 1, trips in November, a lot going on, a lot of hassles, and I’m not able to start on the holidays until after Thanksgiving.  This year?  My schedule’s pretty much open.  I don’t have deadlines.  I have the book coming out that I have to gear up for, but I’m not traveling for it until January.  Plus, Thanksgiving is late.  So I might as well start now.  I decided to make a bunch of presents this year, so I’m knitting up a storm. I have some shopping to do.  I’m waiting on decorations. . .or maybe I’ll just put them up this weekend.  Choosing when to ramp up for the holidays, rather than starting like a race car the day after Thanksgiving?  This is nice.

Here, have some Sting, and be well.


One Response to “starting on the holidays early, and I don’t even care”

  1. Amy Sisson Says:

    I feel the same way! I’ve generally made it a rule not to play Christmas music until Thanksgiving, but this year Thanksgiving is late, Paul will be flying to Japan on Thanksgiving day, we have what passes for cold weather in Houston…. Plus I have to wrap stuff to send to folks in England, and I can’t do that while NOT playing Christmas music! My new music this year is Pentatonix’s Christmas album. 🙂 (Great discovery last year of a Christmas album by Zooey Deschanel and M. Ward, who have a duo called “She & Him”)

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