new things this week

November 5, 2014

Pictures are going to have to wait until Friday, because there’s a bunch of stuff that’s just come out this week:

The new Wild Cards novel, LOWBALL, is finally here!  It includes my story, “Once More, for Old Times Sake,” which brings back together the love triangle from hell in Ana’s 500 square foot apartment.  Good times!

Also debuting this week, a brand new magazine:  URBAN FANTASY.  It’s what it says on the tin, and it’ll feature a story by me in a couple of issues.  Remember that Regency romance with werewolves I keep talking about?  Well, “The Beaux Wilde” is it.  I’ll link to it when it’s live, but until then, the first issue is “pay what you want” — so give it a try!  This one has a story by my friend Ken Scholes.

I felt like I got nothing done last week.  Post con recovery, lack of motivation, I don’t know what it was.  I’m doing a little better this week — despite car trouble that wiped out half of yesterday.  Really, I’m okay, but it’s hard sometimes when all the stuff on the to-do list is long, ongoing projects rather than stuff that gets done quickly.  Sigh.



4 Responses to “new things this week”

  1. Gerald Smith Says:

    Time does on occasion get away from us and what we thought we might get done turns into what we might have gotten done. It is life.

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  2. carriev Says:

    There’s just so much I want to do!

    I’m often reminded of a quote from Miles Vorkosigan: “Aim high. You might still miss the target but at least you won’t shoot off your foot.”

  3. Dreams of the Golden Age gets a mass market paperback in 20 days, you might want to mention that one Carrie 😛

  4. carriev Says:

    I’ve got a bunch of other news to announce next week — I’ll save it for then!

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