here’s what I spent the last couple of weeks making:

October 27, 2014

So I got this idea after Phoenix Comic Con.  I go to conventions and there’s so much cosplay for anime shows that I don’t recognize, and am not familiar with.  I decided that one way to engage would be to make some anime costumes from the shows I watched when I was a kid — some old-school anime cosplay.  I decided this was a great idea, and my artificial deadline became MileHi Con.  A group of us did an Artemis Bridge simulator demo with James S.A. Corey on hand, and while everyone else was wearing Star Trek OS shirts, I was wearing this:


I mentioned learning that turning a 2-D drawing into an actual outfit was a bit of a challenge — that’s because the lapels on this outfit make no sense when you’re trying to make it.  I’ve made jackets and collars before.  I was thinking of the rules I already knew about making jackets and collars.  Turns out, I had to look at the picture of the Robotech uniform and pretty much just physically cut and sew the pattern to look like the picture rather than trying to make it look like the lapels of a conventional jacket.  Lesson learned!

I had a lot of fun with this, but I also learned that at least among the MileHi crowd, Robotech was not instantly recognizable.  I’m super curious now about what would happen and how many people would recognize it if I wore it to Starfest or one of the comic cons.

(Update: I read over this and realized I forgot to mention that this is Lisa Hayes’ uniform from the original Robotech. Because that’s where my brain is right now.)



4 Responses to “here’s what I spent the last couple of weeks making:”

  1. voidwhereprohibited Says:

    Great Cosplay! Robotech was one of my first forays into anime (Even though the story was completely rewritten for the US release) and I fell in love. Rick Hunter and Lisa Hayes were some of my favorite characters and I clearly remember wonder who Rick was going to pick – Lisa Hayes or Lynn Minmay.

  2. David Bowles Says:

    Old school. 🙂

  3. Deb Anderson Says:

    Identified it as Robotech before I read the post so I’d assume anyone who watched Robotech back in the day would get it. Nice job!

  4. Jakk Says:

    I’d recognized the uniform before I read the Update(points to a shelf full of Robotech novels and art books). Outstanding work. 🙂

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