MileHi Con this weekend!

October 24, 2014

MileHi Con, Colorado’s longest-running SF convention, is in Denver this weekend!  I will be there, doing programming and stuff!  I also have a new costume, which I will be debuting tonight.  I’m excited because there was a point this week where it was not coming together at all and I didn’t think I would have it done.  But it’s done, and the lesson I learned is it’s really really hard turning 2-D anime outfits into 3-D wearable objects.  Massive respect to cosplayers who do anime cosplay on a regular basis.

Will I see you at the con?

Next item:  Let me tell you about the time Kevin Hearne sat me down and asked if I had accepted the Holy Taco into my heart as my personal savory.  What choice did I have at that point but to join the Holy Taco Church, a group of authors who like food.  Hey, I like food!  My first post is up here.

In other news, my health insurance sent me email about what I should do if I think I have ebola.  Better safe than sorry I suppose.



One Response to “MileHi Con this weekend!”

  1. Thomas Stacey Says:

    Really awesome that you got your costume done! Have fun at Mile High Con!

    Pretty cool that you know Kevin Hearne too. He’s another of my favorite authors and I really enjoy his Iron Druid Chronicles. Great first post on the Holy Taco Church!

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