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October 22, 2014

We truly live in an age of riches, don’t we?  At least on TV.  I can’t keep up with it all, but here’s what I’m trying to keep up with.

Castle:  Well, that’s a strange little storyline they’ve picked up with the season cliffhanger.  I’m glad they’re pretty much ignoring it for now and going back to fun one-off episodes.  This may not be my favorite show anymore, but I’m still enjoying it and the characters, and it hasn’t actively pissed me off yet, and I’m starting to wonder when that’s going to happen.

Arrow:  Still love it, but they’re not giving us a break, are they?

The Flash:  It’s just so goofy and earnest I kind of love it.  One thing I’m really liking:  setting Barry up as this very young, naive hero with two mentor/father figures who know who and what he is, who are protective of him (for different reasons) and at odds with each other.  I’m liking that dynamic.  They’ve also nailed the look and attitude.  Sometimes, voice overs work.

Sleepy Hollow:  I’m just along for the giant WTF ride.

Agents of SHIELD:  Yeah, the standard for superhero TV seems to be “Just throw everything at the viewer all the time yay!” and that’s okay with me.  I’m loving Kyle MacLachlan’s character, and loving that he’s on the show at all.  Adrienne Palicki has given us a hint of what that Wonder Woman TV show that failed to launch a few years ago might have been like if the people making it had known what they were doing.  I’m really liking her (and not just because she was also Lady Jaye in the last GI Joe movie).  In an alternate world, the makers of Arrow worked on Wonder Woman instead.  And now I’m sad about the whole thing all over again.

Face Off:  Still watching, it’s always pleasant watching good art, but this season has been low key and kind of predictable.  I will love it if the former cake decorator wins.

What I’m not watching, not caught up on:

Doctor Who:  I keep telling myself I want to watch this, then keep not watching it.  I know I saw the first episode with the new Doctor.  I can’t actually remember anything about it.  Oh — dinosaurs, right?  I think what I remember about it is that I really want a show starring Madame Vastra and Jenny.

Justified:  Fifth season is spun up and ready to go. No spoilers!

Penny Dreadful:  This is out on DVD now, and it’s the one I really want to see.  Victorian Gothic, with literary references?  This should be called “Carrie, Here Is Your Show!”



6 Responses to “what I’m currently watching”

  1. Mark Henwick Says:

    Penny Dreadful… Victorian Gothic? Check. Literary references? Check (sort of a bucketful just emptied into the plot). Characterisation. Hmm. Gave up half way through. Messy plot and I just didn’t care enough, about enough of the characters. (Eva Green is an exception). Lovely camera work.

    Castle and Justified keeping me happy. (I’m way behind, season 2 of both). Also old runs of Blue Bloods and Rizzoli & Isles. I repeat to myself before watching every episode of R&I: “This is *nothing* to do with Tess Gerritsen’s books” and that works fine.

  2. ArcLight Says:

    My work schedule doesn’t allow me to watch anything live, and watching on the PC kind-of annoys me (I stare at the screen long enough, anyway) so I’m almost exclusively a Hulu watcher.

    CASTLE actually did piss me off in last season’s finale. I really thought we’d gotten past the whole “spend the whole season leading up to a wedding and then pull the rug out from under it in the last five minutes” thing. I’m old enough to remember people quitting LOIS & CLARK for doing the same thing. That said, interesting twist to the ‘mystery’ and like you, I’m glad they pretty seem content to let it lie for now. I’m sure it’ll come back in time for sweeps weeks, like stories about Kate’s mom.

    ARROW keeps rocking along. I avoid spoilers as best I can so they managed to catch me by surprise in the season premiere.

    THE FLASH is fun, so far. I like that they’re not copying ARROW’s tone. They do need to brighten the costume colors up, tho. I know, it’s a DC/Warner production where bright colors are forbidden, but they’d go better with this show, I think.

    SLEEPY HOLLOW – still fun and still filmed in my home state, so yay on them.

    AGENTS OF SHIELD is doing pretty good. Took them long enough to find their footing. I still wish they’d dump Skye and Ward and keep the focus on Coulson and May (especially after last weeks May-on-May fight scene – yowza!) but they’re keeping me curious about what’s coming next, so good on them.

    Never watched FACE OFF.

    Still keeping up with DOCTOR WHO thanks to the kindness of others, but while I’m liking this Doctor (to be fair, I’ve liked them all) I’m getting tired of Clara being the center of, well, everything.

    Hope Amazon puts the fifth season of JUSTIFIED up soon. And the second season of ORPHAN BLACK, for that matter.

    PENNY DREADFUL sounds like something I need to catch.

    Managing to keep with THE WALKING DEAD thank to the aforementioned kindness.

    Caught the first season of WOLFBLOOD on…Netflix, I think. Then bought the DVD set. Need to get caught up on that one, too.

  3. Jo Anne Says:

    I tried about 3 episodes of Penny Dreadful. All the characters from so many different sources being thrown together seemed strange. All of the characters hopping into bed with each other all the time got old, too.

  4. Thomas Stacey Says:

    I’m surprised no one has mentioned Gotham or Scorpion yet.

    Gotham is essentially the prelude to any of the adult Batman comics/movies. It focuses on Gordon, Bruce, and Gotham’s corruption and coming gang war. The characters are done really well and realistic in my opinion and there are a lot of Easter Egg appearances for different characters and villains from the comics.

    Scorpion is a really well done story about a team of geniuses based on the true story of Walter O’Brian. The story is definitely action packed, but is really more about the characters and their reactions to different situations as well as their interactions with the world and each other, which is also quite intense. I’ve really liked it so far, and I’m also kind of curious as to how much of it is based on truth and how much of it is made up for entertainment.

    I really like The Flash so far and like it for most of the reasons stated above as well as also enjoying that they did something different than Arrow.

    For Marvels Agents of Shield, I’ve mostly been interested in the Fitz and Gemma’s story line and Fitz recovering from the finale, and am also curious about when they will really reveal why Skye is an 084 and what that means in her case. I’ve also enjoyed the new additions to the cast and the May story line too. I hope that the Agent Carter rumored show is still in production, cause I thought the 3 minute scene at the start of the season was a great way to hint at/build interest for it.

    I’ve also been watching NCIS: New Orleans, which has been decent, but really is NCIS with different characters and more music plus cameos from the original. I like seeing Scott Bakula back on TV.

    I really want to catch up on Arrow and Sleepy Hallow, but haven’t had a chance to yet.

  5. carriev Says:

    Gotham: I haven’t really given it a chance. I watched the first 15 minutes or so, up until Selina Kyle ended up watching in the alley when Bruce’s parents were killed, and I laughed and turned it off, because there’s Easter Eggs and then there’s trying to hard. I should probably give it another chance.

    Scorpion: I couldn’t handle the previews. Too many unthinking cyberpunk tropes.

  6. Sonya M. Shannon Says:

    I’m interested to see what you thought of Penny Dreadful. I really wanted to like it, it had a lot of promise — alas, I felt they tried to hard to make it dark and different that they mis-fired everywhere on the execution. But then, I only got through episode 3 and just couldn’t get excited about the rest, so watched no further.

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