happy Friday

October 3, 2014

My brain’s a bit scattered today, so this is going to be a post of random things.  Like, how I’ve spent the last couple of days dipping my toe into MRA and PUA screeds, in the interest of “know thine enemy,” and I’m really really glad I grew up expecting to make my own living and support myself in this world, meaning I would never need to depend on finding a guy to do it for me, and how that may be the real triumph of feminism right there.

Anyway.  I’ve had Ookla the Mok’s song “Doctor Octopus” stuck in my head since FenCon (“Boom-shalaktopus!”).  I got to meet and hang out with the band at the convention.  They’re really great and you should check them out.

I have a million errands I’m going to try to get done today, like:  new passport photo, flu shot, and putting together a Wonder Woman costume for my niece.  Because that’s the kind of aunt I am.

Have a great weekend everyone!



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