Monday again…

July 28, 2014

If I had a nickle for every time someone asked me this weekend why I wasn’t at San Diego Comic Con…  I would have a lot of nickles.

I suspect I’ll get back to SDCC at some point.  I even missed it a little this year.  But it’s seriously not a convention I can do every single year.  It’s expensive (I’ve paid my own way there both times I’ve gone, my publisher or the convention didn’t), the logistics are nightmarish (even pro badges are limited these days and require applications and a little luck, and then there’s getting a decent hotel room), and it’s exhausting (so…much…walking).  It’s especially exhausting for me because I’m not happy just doing my writer panels and signings and calling it a day.  I also try to hit panels and walk the exhibit floor because there’s no way I’m going to the middle of that much geekdom and not take part.  This ends up making it doubly exhausting.  So yeah, it’s a great convention, kudos to the people who do it every year.  But I’m happy making it an every few years pilgrimage.

And I’m thinking it’s time I get back to Dragon Con, which I’ve only been to once.  We’ll see what next year holds.

I’m still sorting out my desk after the last few weeks of heavy lifting.  I got to go to an SCA camping event this weekend which was a very nice break.  Now, I must figure out where I left my brain.  For today’s mental health break, have a picture from a trip a couple of years ago, the Roman arena at Pula, Croatia:


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