week in review

June 13, 2014

Happy Friday the 13th!

I went riding on Wednesday and got to the barn in time to observe the barn cat, Bob, maim a tiny baby rabbit.  That ended up being pretty indicative of the whole week.  There was a lot of tedium and crankiness, logistical stuff, recovering from one convention and getting ready for the next while also dealing with a couple of deadlines.

I didn’t do much, if any, new writing because I was going over galleys for one thing, and the rough draft for another, that’s due the 15th.  Not writing new words always makes me cranky, but this tedious reading and re-reading of old work is a necessary part of the gig, and for some reason it takes up a huge amount of brain power and concentration, not to mention time.  Anyone who wants to be a professional writer needs to understand just how much of the job is this kind of tedium.  It’s really necessary because this stage is where the embarrassing mistakes get caught and corrected.  (I hope…)  But gosh, it’s really time to be working on something new.

I’m also in the middle of another G.I. Joe binge — this happens every 2-3 years, where I go out and buy a bunch of comics and nominally catch up on what’s been happening in the Joe world since the last time I binged on it.  I also suddenly realized I need to pull out the DVD of the second movie, which has been sitting on my coffee table for like six months, and see if all of Flint’s characterization ended up in the deleted scenes, as I suspect.

That actually sounds like a good thing to do in a week that’s been characterized by tedious work and dying baby bunnies.



One Response to “week in review”

  1. Jonn Says:

    Unfortunately you’re right about “all of Flint’s characterization ended up in the deleted scenes” and some ended up on the “cutting room floor” – saw the movie not long ago and was disappointed, Glad I did not pay to view it.

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