Phoenix Comic Con again, and SWORD

June 5, 2014

My brain’s leaking out my ears…as I type this it’s yesterday and I’m packing and freaking out.  I had like ten things I wanted to blog about this week, and they’ve all gone out of my head.

But here!  I’m reposting my Phoenix Comic Con schedule because they’ve added some things.

The Friday signing is 4:30, the Sunday one is 1:30, both at table 2526 — near Mysterious Galaxy, I think they said.  And Noon Saturday at the Tor Booth.  Geez, I hope I can remember all this, I think I have it written down…do I have it written down?  Okay.  It’s fine.  Whew.

Hey!  I remember one of the things I wanted to post about.  I got a new rapier:


Isn’t she pretty?  I haven’t fought with her yet.  But I will, oh yes…



2 Responses to “Phoenix Comic Con again, and SWORD”

  1. Adam. Says:

    Any pictures of the naked blade?

    My fencing rapier is Hanwei (it’s nasty but it was cheap). I’m in the process of ordering a better one from Marco at Danelli Armouries but my manufacturing slot’s not until January 😦

    Busy lad Marco.

  2. Thomas Stacey Says:

    Awesome rapier! Hope you have a safe, fun trip without getting lost or missing anything. Sounds like you will be super busy. A little jealous that you’re finally going to Phoenix after I’ve moved to Denver, but Denver just means it’s just easier to make it to your local events. 🙂

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