TV ads

April 30, 2014

I watch Arrow on Mondays, On Demand, as part of the Monday night learn to cook dinner extravaganza.  On Demand still has commercials, alas — not as many, and all of them pretty much for the network we’re watching.  But they’ve also been showing a lot of “now available on DVD” special sales.  For the longest time, all the commercials were for DVD’s of The Carol Burnett Show, The Dean Martin Roast, and China Beach.  Weird little time capsules, those commercials.

But a few weeks ago, the commercials changed:  we’re now getting ads for DVD’s of The Six Million Dollar Man and the first season of Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers.

One of my friends said, “It’s like they finally figured out who actually watches Arrow.

Meanwhile:  Holy sh*t, Arrow!  Aaaaaaaarggggghhhh!

(And hey — is the Queen’s Gambit still in a warehouse somewhere or did it get moved/ditched?)


5 Responses to “TV ads”

  1. Juls Says:

    I’m pretty sure the Gambit was gotten rid of at the end of S1. Though I could be mistaken, It has been a while since I’ve watched. Needless to say I’m not caught up.

  2. Carbonman Says:

    I’m not sure if you’ve seen the episode with Moira’s funeral yet, but it’s a huge cliffhanger. The story is at the point of the showdown with Slade Wilson and Ollie. No idea what Diggle’s fate is; things looked really bad for him with Isabel standing over him.
    BTW, where’s Malcolm Merlyn? He should be in the mix to protect daughter Thea by now.

  3. carriev Says:

    Skipping your comment ’cause I haven’t seen it yet! I’m a week behind!

  4. JeffW Says:

    So do ALL of the main characters except Thea and Quentin Lance know that Oliver is The Arrow now? What’s the point of a secret identity if practically everyone knows?

  5. carriev Says:

    We think it’s HILARIOUS that everyone knows. There was a “Texts From Superheroes” awhile back about some villain declaring that he knew Superman’s real identity and was going to take him down, and Lex Luthor quickly texted back, “Yes, we know, everyone knows, but we pretend we don’t because then Clark is tied up at a job for 10 hours a day and not bothering us!”

    I had _thought_ that Lance knew, but apparently not. He does know that Sarah is Black Canary, though.

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