once more unto the breach…

April 21, 2014

Just a reminder:  This weekend I’ll be in Nebraska for CONstellation.  It should be a good, low key time of it!

Yesterday was the day I realized I have three conventions over the next month — busy!  I’ll be at local Denver con StarFest, but for Saturday only.  And two weeks after that is the RT Booklovers Convention, which promises to be the exact opposite of low key.  This’ll be my first time at this one, and everything I’ve heard about it says it’s huge and has a million things going on — and it’s in New Orleans.  It’ll definitely be a party!

I took a break from the Great Paperwork Purge to make some new camp garb for SCA events.  These are pieces made of light, easily washable fabric that I won’t mind getting dirty in the great outdoors.  A couple of tunics and an underdress — I have this amazing underdress pattern that I pretty much just eyeballed many years ago, and it’s still amazing, because I finished the new one out of gray linen and it’s great.  Super comfy and looks awesome.  I haven’t had new camping garb in like 10 years.  Now I just need to find time to go to a camping event.

(I’ve just read Nicola Griffith’s novel Hild, a historical about the childhood of St. Hilda of Whitby in seventh century England.  Totally inspiring.  All I want to do is wear my new garb and drink mead and make things.)


2 Responses to “once more unto the breach…”

  1. See ya in Lincoln!


  2. carriev Says:

    Excellent, Matt! I was hoping I’d see you there!

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