happy Monday….?

April 14, 2014

Almost forgot to post today.  I confess, I had  rough week last week.  For no particular reason, just one of those mood swing things.  I started writing three different novels because I couldn’t decide what to work on, but I wanted to work on something.  I’m looking at it as priming the pump to see what catches fire.  It was a mixed metaphors kind of week.

You know what?  I blame the weather.  Springtime in the Rockies.  70 on Saturday and snowing on Sunday.  It’s enough to give anyone a headache.

I’ve also been thinking about GI Joe (because when am I not?) and the idea that because the entire thing is based on a ridiculous premise, it makes possible any number of ridiculous storylines because the audience has already bought in to the bedrock ridiculousness.  And how that whole structure fell apart with that bizarre Cobra-la storyline.  Not because it was patently absurd, but because it screwed with the fundamental premise of the show.  The audience had already accepted that Cobra is a terrorist organization determined to rule the world, and GI Joe is the elite special missions force, etc. etc.  Then the movie and Cobra-la comes along, and it basically said, “Oh wait, Cobra Commander is actually a snake-dude from this prehistoric snake people civilization, and they’re going to take over the world with spores.”  It changed the rules of the universe that the stories had existed in up until then, and the audience was left scratching their heads.

Anyway, it seems to me to be a good lesson in making bargains with your audience, and how far you can expect your audience to follow you.

And I really need to go through and label all my GI Joe posts.  This is getting out of hand.


One Response to “happy Monday….?”

  1. A.J. Colby Says:

    I think I’m going to join you and blame my lack of focus this past weekend on the crazy weather we’re having here in Colorado. Seriously, wtf Mother Nature? Make up your mind already ’cause you’re driving the rest of us crazy! Normally weekends are pretty productive for me, but this weekend I think I only managed to get a paltry 3k words down :o( Hope your creativity picks up this week, and here’s to hoping that we’ve seen the last of the snow until October!

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