April 11, 2014

Remember that yarn I got a few weeks ago?

This is what I turned it into:


A bit blurry (I need to learn to take better pictures), and there’s my foot for scale.  I’m really proud of this.  I think it’ll go great with my Regency gown, and it’s so incredibly soft.  Hmmmm, purrrrr…..


4 Responses to “finished”

  1. Jazzlet Says:

    That is beautiful! It looks as if it will drape perefectly over your shoulders.

  2. A.J. Colby Says:

    How beautiful! This is one of the times when I wish I could knit, but alas, it’s not meant to be for me.

  3. Kim Power Says:

    Very pretty Carrie. I don’t know how she does it.

  4. carriev Says:

    Thanks, guys! I think this is what comes from being a personality that can’t sit still, who also likes to watch TV.

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