con recovery

March 31, 2014

Thanks to all who came out for Anomaly Con!  I enjoy this one because of all the spectacular costumes, and the lovely dealer’s room with so many pretty, pretty sparkly things.  All I bought this year was some tea and some decorated bobby pins, but I think I was already wearing gear from half the other venders there.

I’m not trusting myself to post much more than this about the weekend.  I came home utterly exhausted.  (I stayed long enough to hear Pandora Celtica’s Sunday concert, and I’m really glad I did, but they almost had me in tears, which told me it was definitely time to go home.)  Over all, including the couple of program items I volunteered/got recruited for, I was on 11 items of programming, and I’ve decided that’s too much. I’m going to have to do better in the future about saying no and putting my foot down.

It’s not that being on panels and doing readings and things is hard — I really do enjoy it most of the time.  But being so focused, being on stage and performing, is very draining and because it isn’t physically strenuous (well, except for helping Terry demonstrate bartitsu), I don’t realize I’ve used that energy until it’s already gone.  Pile on a bit of my usual imposter syndrome issues (“Um, I don’t understand, why would people listen to me anyway?”), and it makes for a tiring time.

So, today, I rest.


2 Responses to “con recovery”

  1. WanabePBWriter Says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed your first two panels on Sunday. We listen because you are probably the most encouraging author out there for those of us with “ How could I ever do it syndrome.”
    And here’s a brain distraction link if you’re interested. Hi-Res scans of an illuminated MS in the British Library, the zoom detail is very good.

  2. Griggk the goblin Says:

    Get some rest. If you haven’t got your health, then you haven’t got anything.

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