random notes

March 12, 2014


My crocus are blooming.  Hooray for spring and flowers!

I completely re-wrote a story.  Got rid of two characters and a whole subplot.  It’s much shorter, and much better now.  I love when that happens.  It’s so much work to do, but I love looking at the end product and suddenly realizing I can’t see the story any other way than this.

Got beta reader notes back on another story.  A bit daunted with that one.

Got an idea for a whole new novel, because apparently I don’t have enough to do with my time.

Apparently, this morning, there was a car jacking and high speed car chase in my neck of the woods — like, really close by — and I slept through the whole thing.  Just as well.


One Response to “random notes”

  1. John Y. Says:

    You have it down to a science! I’m just starting out and find even a short story is a huge undertaking. As for the car jacking – glad your safe. It’s certainly a crazy world we live in.

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