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March 7, 2014

It’s been awhile since I’ve talked about what TV I’m watching.  Maybe because it hasn’t been changing much.  I did enough traveling the last couple of months that it’s been a bit of a challenge keeping up.  Thank goodness for all the On Demand and online options!  We are spoiled for TV viewing options!

Castle:  Still watching!  Six seasons in!  This is quite a feat.  And it’s still the center of my “make dinner for friends/learning to cook” project, which has now been going for about the whole run, which is kind of cool.  I really love that it’s turning into a show about two grownups working on their relationship.  With cornball mysteries.

I finally watched the Doctor Who Christmas/new doctor thingy.  Meh.  Matt Smith’s doctor never grew on me.  I would like to go back to a Doctor Who where all the women in the show aren’t throwing themselves at him.  And then the story was rather unintelligible: the Silence, and the Angels, and the crack in the universe, and…and…  This show is in danger of turning into one long inside joke.  I’ll give the new Doctor a chance, but he’s really going to have to work to win me over.

Arrow: This one is getting better and better.  It’s keeping up with the parts of I love and adding new bits all the time.  This is a great show for women characters.  It’s also weirdly giving me my GI Joe fix, because I swear, the flashback bits are Cobra Island.  Have I explained my “the flashbacks are Cobra Island” theory?  Seriously, I explained it to my friends and one of them said, “You’re right!  That missile launcher even looks like a toy!”

Agents of SHIELD.  A plot entirely built on acronyms.  So wildly inconsistent I’m not sure what to think of it.  Flashes of brilliance in between stretches of sheer stupidity.  (I am a badass sniper…so I will place myself behind a giant truck that gives me zero line of sight…and not move… wut?) So frustrating.  And yet, we watch for the easter eggs.

And…am I watching anything else?  Sleepy Hollow, which is still lots of fun but would be even better if they could decide on one back story and stick to it.  But I think that may be it.  Oh!  Face Off, what are we on, season 6?  I have no opinions this season.  Oh, and the next season of Justified has started!  I’ll probably wait to mainline the whole thing at once.

There’s a lot of TV I ought to be watching, apparently.  I seem to be watching NONE of the shows that everyone is talking about.  And you know what?  I’m okay with that.  It’s like with books — never let anyone make you feel guilty for what you read, or what you haven’t read.  Same with TV.  Life is short.


8 Responses to “tv update”

  1. WanabePBWriter Says:

    On Castle: Is the show still flirting with jumping the shark? On the relationship, “big fight “episode Beckett retreats to her apartment, resolves issue moves in all the way; then a do we need to get married episode. Good, bad, indifferent?

  2. LupLun Says:

    Pretty much nobody liked the latest Doctor Who; It basically reminded us of everything we hated about the Matt Smith years. Some even say the best part is seeing Smith leave, which I thought was rather mean-spirited; he went a bit too big at times, but in large part he was doing the best he could- the real problem with these past few years has been bad writing. Still, people are optimistic about Capaldi and the implied return to the older, more grandfatherly doctor.

    Agents of SHIELD has been suffering mostly due to being jerked around. It was just starting to turn in consistently good episodes when it started hitting one hiatus after another, killing its forward momentum. The last one, for the Olympics, was especially brutal. They need a good long run of new eps- the repeated breaks kill the series’ tempo. The most recent episode was good, though. Some plot holes, but they made up for it with the big revelation and next-ep hook at the end.

    There was some discussion over what T.A.H.I.T.I. stands for. I’m thinking “Terran-Alien Hybridization, Integration, and Transgenics Initiative.”

  3. carriev Says:

    Castle approaches the ramp to the shark, then backs off. Usually they get close when they try these serious thriller episodes, and the characters all suddenly act different to make it work. They haven’t messed with the relationship too much, I don’t think. My prediction is still that the wedding is going to be the final episode in the series, but I could be wrong.

    I will keep watching SHIELD to see what the heck is going on. But yeah, there’s something off with the pacing.

  4. Griggk the goblin Says:

    I’ve been watching “Bitten” on syfi because, well, that’s where it airs, and I’d like to see Armstrong’s books make it mainstream as much as any other author currently writing about werewolves. I suppose I should be distracted by all the skin that the pretty little china doll that’s supposed to be Elena keeps showing, but my mind keeps coming back to two points:
    (a) How can one shift to wolf form, go for a long run, shift back, and have a perfect manicure, including non-chipped nail polish?
    (b) Same with extremely plucked eyebrows.

    I’m two weeks behind on the shows. Maybe it gets answered in one of them.

  5. LupLun Says:

    This is just one of those things we ignore about werewolf stories. All kinds of stories, actually. Watch some post-apocalyptic movies sometime and look at everyone running around with immaculately coiffed hair. Or really old, cheesy 80’s films where the end of the world hasn’t impacted the hairspray market at all.

    Is Bitten any good, BTW? I didn’t bother with it, largely because the book was misogynistic, but also because SyFy didn’t seem to have much faith. They dropped it into Teen Wolf‘s time slot with virtually no promotion.

  6. Graham Says:

    SHIELD is getting better; I’ll keep watching because there’s always something in an episode that makes me smile. The series may help fill in bits of back story in the Marvel movies coming up.
    Castle is so much fun to watch because Nathan Filion has such a good comedic streak. Stana Katic is good enough to keep up with him, too. They work very well together.
    Bitten is OK but needs to step up the pace. The Otherworld books paint a gritty, quickly paced picture of this universe and I’m not able to reconcile the series with the books yet. Everything seems to be dragged out and there’s some real divergence from the first book.

  7. Carol Says:

    I wanted to love Bitten. Genre show filmed in Canada with mostly Canadian cast. But it’s too much filled with pointless longing looks and has no common sense. The current Pack population is deservedly getting decimated because they are all morons. Have just deleted the subscription from the PVR.

    OTOH, I have just discovered White Collar and inhaled 3 seasons in 2 weeks. A protagonist with no fighting skills, he’s our hero because he’s clever and good at art. Almost no dead bodies makes it a delightful contrast to the CSI, L&O, medical and cop shows that flood the TV. Also, Matt Bomer is very easy on the eyes and yet is almost always completely covered up in a 3 piece suit. Wonderful.

  8. brendab Says:

    You should give Justified, Almost Human, and Brooklyn nine nine a chance. I should also mention that I watch Teen Wolf with my daughter just in case Derek takes his shirt off.

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